Format Frankfurt

The documentary about Frankfurt

Natascha / Fashion Designer

The people here are very different and we have many young creatives.

Hassan / Music Producer

What I like about Frankfurt is that the city is big but somehow small as well.

Götz / Supports Culture

My favorites are the farmers market in Frankfurt I wouldn't want to miss them.

Film description

Frankfurt through the eyes of its people shows the documentary "Format Frankfurt" and takes a general view on the city. 30 citizens show the filmmakers Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch their favorites and take the viewer on an adventure of discovering Frankfurt. People from different cultures, countries and of different ages talk in front of the camera. It's an honest movie where everybody can freely express his option about the city and even so the movie is 77 minutes long it works completely without any voice-over. Only the citizens in front of the camera are ones talking and therefore defining the content of this film.